for many guests, our approach to activities and workshops will offer the benefits of community and networking.

At Branches, the human element is central to our thinking. We bring people together in a coworking context that also allows for the relaxation vital to building relationships. It’s not just about getting employees away from the office, though – it's about engaging them in activities that teach new skills or fine tune existing ones. A nice view of the mountains or sea is always welcome, but the retreat settings with the most value are those offering a unique experience that ultimately challenges people to push themselves or to think in a different way. 

At our branches each individual has the opportunity to build and shape his or her own growth experience. Consider this: Someone who's never tried fly-fishing might find that to be a welcome and exhilarating challenge. But that same person may be burned out on cooking for his family and would find a mandatory culinary lesson tedious or even stressful. For another individual, though, the converse might be true. Thus, the range of options is almost as important as what’s on offer, because allowing guests to decide for themselves what they want to do and when is paramount. It’s not just about having everyone in the same place at the same time. It's also about giving people control and a sense of autonomy.