Combine the distractions of working from home and working from work... and them leave them all behind.

Our branches are designed to offer freelancers and employees of forward thinking organizations a new place to work remotely. Trips to these one-of-a-kind retreats are escapes out of the urban bustle and everyday routine, allowing employees to recharge without sacrificing connectivity or productivity. Employees will no longer have to choose between the distractions of working from home (laundry, neighbors, children, pets) and working from work (endless meetings, office "pop-ins," break room gossip). We are creating a third option that combines the best of both and leaves the rest behind in the city, an option that's specifically designed to maximize focus and potential for rejuvenation.

Branches locations feature:

  • Outdoor Wi-Fi

  • Design forward spaces that encourage creativity and brainstorming

  • Public spaces that allow for socializing and the free flow of knowledge

  • Dedicated group areas that provide space for collaboration

  • Private areas for distraction-free individual work or video conferencing.